Monday, February 9, 2009

"Twilight" Zone

I recently posted in the Etsy forums a call for recent and up-and-coming trends, since i'm often a few steps behind.

The answer? Well, see all of the replies at the link above, but "TWILIGHT!!" was one of the most popular noted trends. I love Cedric Diggory as much as the next girl, but I hand never thought of movie-inspired vampire chic accessories and couture! Here are some Twilight Highlights.

BITTEN necklace from Sumner2's shop... TONS of Twilight-inspired items!

Custom Twilight Hoodies
from MissJenna's shop

Bella Bracelet
by norianesbijoux

Personalized portrait from MyMagicMe,
who gave us my favorite Zombie Portrait of yore!

And, the classic scrabble tile necklace.

Vintage dictionary Twilight scrabble tile
from rosecreekcottage

Fangs for the memories.

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