Sunday, October 26, 2008

Handmade Faire this weekend... pictures!

Well, here we are! all set up at the Handmade Faire in Medford, New Jersey at the Flying W Airport! Props to Abbie of Abbie Road Designs for putting this show together. It was great to meet up with people I've only ever met online (holla back, AJK Artistry, Dhara Holistics, and Aziez Designs!)

The banner is courtesy of the lovely Grace Reed and Linda Campbell. Thanks for supporting Alexlady Designs!! You made this weekend wonderful.

While I was there I thought i'd keep my hands busy, and I did a garnet-and-pearl spiral. I have less than half of my inventory up on my etsy site,
and I need to get on top of it! but here's a sneak preview of my latest items...