Monday, February 9, 2009


I've been meaning to go restock at metalliferous in midtown for over a week now, and keep getting waylaid. It's only open until 6 pm which is a leeeetle inconvenient for me (and i imagine i'm not the only one) and of course i could order online, but i want to go into the store and dive in and swim around amongst all of the great stuff. imagine me as scrooge mcduck, only it's silver instead of gold. and none of it belongs to me. oh, and no spats. they make my ankles look fat.

anyway, i'm excited. I feel very stuck without the items i'm looking for, plus i just scored a great set of alphabet metal-stamps, and i am overjoyed about personalizing things! i just... don't have anything to stamp yet. *sad face*

also, I admit I didn't know anything about the movie Twilight except for there's vampires and stars that cute boy who dies in harry potter (oops, spoiler alert? if you think this is a spoiler, you are either way behind, or you think harry potter is of the devil which is ok since you probably won't see the movie anyway). now, however, i want to see the movie just for the lion/lamb quote. sweeet. now, where's some Coraline-inspired rag dolls? Bring it, etsians.


TheClayMuse said...

I love your shop! Ditto on the no Twilight knowledge. Coraline rag dolls would be awesome! There has to be an etsian somewhere making one.. right?

alexlady said...


thanks so much for stopping by! there's a couple of stores that have dolls that are similar, but none straight from the movie. wish i could sew... :)