Thursday, July 24, 2008

brain cloudburst

just had some ideas about some great designs. I'll post pics tomorrow!

New Logo!!!

So you'll see, at the top of the page, the logo our friend Michele created for me! i adore it. please let me know if you'd like to get in touch with her for any logo or banner work, she is fantastic to work with and unbelievably talented.

next step... trademarking.

Baby Steps...

The other day, I went to help some close friends pack up to move. I've been taking my business cards with me everywhere and handing them out like candy, because thanks to Vistaprint, i have a hefty supply!

one of our friends' parents were there helping, too. they run a jewelry store nearby. the good thing is that i've worked with the dad pretty closely in the past, as he did our wedding bands, and he knows that i'm reasonable and easy to deal with in the business sphere. we've also hung out with them socially, and they seem to like me. ;) but i wasn't ready to pitch my line to them to see if they would carry some pieces in the store.


i recently acquired, from another etsy-an creations by ingrid a little card-holder... made from a capri sun wrapper.

so you see, now i can say "oooh, you wanna see my awesome business card holder???" without saying "hey! take my business cards! i got 500 of 'em!!"

and it totally worked. our friends did not as yet have cards, and it paved the way for one to say "hey, dad, alex is selling her own jewelry!" it couldn't have worked out more smoothly if i had done a huddle beforehand. i was really proud of myself for not chickening out, and super happy that my friends are so awesome. but, of course they are. :)