Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Obama Cupcakes!

Ok, please don't send me in to cakewrecks. :)

Three sites TOTALLY worth checking out...

Love to surf through blogs? Delightful blogs has a host of excellent blogs that will certainly pass the time until the election results are in.

Like cute things? Looking for stocking stuffers and adorable gifts? Cutable.com is sure to satisfy your cravings.

Like snarky things? Check out maxmeadcartoons for an excellent brand of funny cartoons, including free avatars and buddy icons! I actually met this artist by chance in Union Square one day, his cards are satisfyingly sarcastic and the artwork bright and cheery.

Oh, please enjoy!


That's right! all day Tuesday, November 4th, shipping on any and all items at alexladydesigns
is free-99! And you don't even have to tell me that you're voting for my candidate of choice, unlike that old coot who wouldn't give out candy to children of Obama supporters.

Somebody didn't get a lot of hugs as a kid.

Come on by!