Monday, February 16, 2009

Musings on The Market, or, I need stuff on my table besides jewelry.

I've only done a few shows now, and I feel fortunate to have had a warm reception wherever I've set up my jewelry. The thing is, I was adamant about paring down the amount of items I'd be bringing with me to a show, so I could easily stick it all in a medium suitcase and be merrily on my way.

While I think I can still figure out how to fit everything in a small, portable space, I really need to work on my table display.

Up until recently, for some reason I felt like this was an incredible burden, and that people should naturally gravitate towards my table, because shoppers are looking at the jewelry, right? not the table. Simple display! Let the items speak for themselves!

Oh, silly Alex. I think it was mostly that I just didn't want to schlep a bunch of stuff around.

However, now I have a ton of ideas as to how I can make my display area more dynamic, wherever I choose to show my jewelry. I feel motivated and excited about working on my table instead of frustrated and annoyed. It's a much better place to be when one is trying to create!

That being said, the vibe at the Market was great. Vendors all seemed to know each other, and people were very warm and friendly to Don and me. Everyone was happy to share information and tips, and another vendor clued me in to a company that will give you a Credit Card terminal for free! Also, although I try to avoid shopping while I'm at shows, there was a lady there named Victoria that had these fabulous feather fascinators and headbands for a steal at $10-$15!

I am weak in the face of feathers.

So we had a great time, saw a lot of friends, learned a lot, and ate some Pinkberry. Thanks to everyone who came by!