Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Alex, where's YOUR stuff??

I know, I know. My camera is now back in my hot little hands. Boy, have I been busy!! A new style of earrings, new spiral designs, hammering my heart out!

I'll be spending some QT doing a photoshoot in the morning and new items will be posted in the afternoon. Pins and needles no more!


Teeny TP!

From LiciaBeads' store...

"This is the pendant version of the TP earrings that I sell.

Late one night, I had this idea...

Soft plushy beaded TP intended for friendly ghosts only. Pendant has holes that are 4mm for you to hang on your favorite necklace chain of choice. Peyote stitched similar to how the quilting ladies do it on that other special plushy TP that is intended for humans.

Sorry, it is not unrollable..."

Sometimes, someone beats you to a really good idea...