Tuesday, August 19, 2008

You Spin me Right Round

If you're looking for a monster for your little monster, Kari Capone of thespinninghand has one for you!

Two-Fanged Monster Sweater

For your fierce little one. Made from 100% washable wool. Two-Fangs likes to drool and eat wood chips. He rarely blinks.
The roll-top neck is generously sized for your child's noggin.

Age 12-18 months

And while her knitted kids' items are truly unique and adorable, this handcrafter from Maplewood, NJ also has gorgeous items for us grown folk... Scarves both thick and skinny, sweaters made for cuddling, snazzy hats, and an array of vintage items as well!

A little Q and A for you, dear readers... Alexlady does do a modicum of crochet, but I never learned to read a pattern, and my knitting skills began and ended at a knitting circle a year and a half ago. Needless to say, I am not up on my yarn trends!
Q: You mention bamboo yarn on your site! I had no idea you could spin bamboo into fiber, tell me more?

A: -There are a lot of bamboo yarns on the market right now. It's a hot trend because bamboo is a rapidly renewable, "green" fiber. It feels heavenly to work with. Some of my favorite bamboo yarns are available from Rowan and Bee Sweet companies. Other unusual fibers include banana, milk, and corn!

Q: I love your Bell Sleeved Shrug (pictured above)but in your store I see it's listed as "YART." Elaborate please?

A: -YART means a yard sale for art. It takes place, usually in the summertime, on Etsy. I'm getting ready for my 1 year anniversary on etsy and would like to clear out some of my older products!

September first marks Kari's one-year mark. That means the temperatures are about to drop and it's time for something cozy to snuggle in! Swing on by her store and wish The Spinning Hand a happy birthday, www.thespinninghand.etsy.com
and check out her great post about the BUST magazine party on her blog, www.thespinninghand.blogspot.com.


thespinninghand said...

Awesome blog alexlady! Thanks so much for the props.

DT said...

Kari's collection looks outstanding! The bamboo yarns are a new one to me, although I'll admit, textiles have never been my strong suit. :)