Thursday, August 14, 2008

No, i said 'Allo, but that's close enough.

Psychadelic Panther is my new best friend.

She has not just Willum Worm from Labyrinth(i never even knew he had a name!!!), but check these out:Rocks friends!!

and I'll be dreaming of this for weeks. It's a replica of the Fiery Rag Doll that Sarah has in her room at the end of the movie.

Oh man. I never considered myself any kind of Fangirl until i found these. I'm going to dream of that Fiery doll for weeks!

So what else can we find ? Yes. Excellent. Labyrinth Geek Pack.

Or how about a Jareth Necklace?

Sign me up.


alexlady said...

how's that for timing?? someone JUST BOUGHT the jareth necklace!!!

David Serchuk said...

Umm, was that someone you?

alexlady said...

ask me no questions, i'll tell you no lies...