Friday, August 1, 2008

Fridays is for scrubbin

I love bath and body products. No, not love...mild obsession? That's closer to the truth. I can have a stack of five awesome soaps at home, but if i pass by a place that has delicious handmade soaps i HAVE to buy one.

And I cannot wait to get my hands on everything from LusciousNaturals.

Ylang and lavender luscious vegan soap

Vegan clay face masque

NJ Etsian Cassidy handcrafts these yummy items with an eye for the environment. She says:
"My central philosophy is simple: Your skin is the largest organ you have, what goes on your body goes in your body. I believe in the use of pure, natural, organic, fair-trade, sustainable, and local ingredients. I try to incorporate as many of those attributes as possible for each ingredient I choose. I believe in living an ecoconscious life--and I bring that right into my business--from sustainable ingredients, to buying locally, using recycled paper, and recycling packing materials.

I advocate being an informed consumer, and I strive to add to that body of knowledge (through blog posting, being part of forum discussions on b&b, sharing information with my customers, etc.). Above all, customer service is my highest priority... even in this uber-quick internet world, its no less important than it ever was before. Love your body, naturally!" She has a contract with and is planning to pitch to Whole Foods soon.

In addition to these lovely body products, Cassidy has another store on etsy, Digital Mayhem, which hosts her handprinted photography and ACEO cards.

Original, Hand Printed--Church Series, Image No.1

Cassidy can be found IRL some weekends at the Brooklyn Indie Mart and upcoming Craft Attack! Also look for her at October's Handmade Faire in Medford, NJ, and check out her blog at

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