Thursday, July 31, 2008

I says to myself, "this Thursday is in need of a Secret Cave!!"

And wouldn't you know it, NJ etsian Kerstin delivered!!

Her shop is, and she features not only hand-spun yarn and hand-dyed roving, but also creates these detailed needle-felted playmats that are each a little masterpiece. I've always been obsessed with tiny things. As a child, the smaller the toy, the better (i miss Charmkins) so these gorgeous playmats appeal to the side of me that is currently resisting having kids just so i have an excuse to get an elaborate dollhouse. Now, if you're not much into caves or camping, check this out...

Aliens have never been so CUTE!!

I've dabbled in many areas of handcrafting, but the world of fiber arts is kind of mysterious to me. I grew up in Yorktown, VA, and if you live in the Historic Triangle you can't graduate high school without carding wool at some living history site or other. but... spinning your own yarn? Tres impressive.

Check out, she also has handmade stitch markers, uber-stylish knitting bags,

as well as mounds and mounds of fluffy roving and handcrafted yarn that makes me want to learn how to knit. Check out her blog here:

And don't forget to visit the NJ etsy street team blog for more New Jersey goodness!

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dragonflyducky said...

You're such a sweetie pie! : )
Thanks so much for such an awesome review! You have a way with words and jewelry I see! Your jewelry is absolutely lovely!