Monday, July 21, 2008

eggs in one basket

Still on the search for a perfect storage item for all of my jewelry supplies... not just the little compartments, but larger ones as well, someplace for spools of wire, etc. Target surprised me and didn't have tackle boxes, although they DID have a wide array of fishing lures.

really? fishing lures but no tackle boxes? are you supposed to put your shiny worm things in your pocket? come now.

that makes me want to make earrings out of fish lures. check back later for a new line--

also, a new logo is on the way! Verrrry excited!

I have a gorgeous necklace and earring set that I created this evening, just waiting for daylight to photograph them. Time to rig the light box. and take a photography class.

in non-jewelry-specific news, there is a red spider the likes of which i've never seen before who has spun herself a web on our back porch. she had actually caught something and was tying it all up the last time i was out there. i'd have tried for a closer look, but uh... well, i grew up on three acres of land in Virginia, and I've never seen a red spider. yeah.

perhaps a spider brooch is in the near future. ;)

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