Sunday, September 20, 2009

I LOVE MY LIFE art show last night! How amazing.

Last night one of my necklaces was featured in a group art show at Eureka Art Gallery, 259 First Street in Hoboken, literally around the corner from our old apartment! Roland Ramos, friend of artists and creativity in North Jersey, brought together a wonderful group of artists in a variety of mediums and asked for pieces that were inspired by the mantra "I LOVE MY LIFE!" There were paintings, sculpture, photography, mixed media, textiles, performance, and interactive art experiences. The show had a great, friendly vibe, and people kept flowing in. Everyone was greeted at the door by Calee Vickerman, offering notes written by school kids on the theme, and she invited us to write our own. What a great night! I'm proud to have been involved.

Wire-crochet necklace with Czech fire-polished glass beads

In the past four years of my life I have seen the death of my mother,
my father, and my grandmother.

I have also found the love of a partner, and married him.

job endings, job beginnings, career issues, creativity conflicts

unwanted responsibility

amazing opportunity

deadlines, bills



great stress, great peace

great friends

great blessings

After my mother's death almost a year ago, the only activity that
would take me away from my grief, even for a moment, was creating
jewelry. This piece was born from my feelings that my life has been
so tangled; a confusing, challenging maze. But when I focus, patterns
emerge. Things start to make sense. I find the bright spots, the
gems,my life force, my prana. I am reminded that I have to step back
and see the whole, not just the parts, to truly understand life. My
life, which I love.


Randi Skaggs said...

Have I told you how amazing you are lately? That necklace is gorgeous, the writing is beautiful. You are so strong, you humble me. I love you.

Jay said...

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