Friday, June 12, 2009

Pretty for your head

I'm searching for flower barrettes right now, and finding TONS of awesome hair accessories that i had to share!

I know I'm starting with something other than a flower, but look at this ADORABLE ribbon sculpture mermaid from littleloulee's shop:

cute combo from sugarchicbaby:

Two lovely orchid clips for $10.00 from Daintydivasboutique's!

and PbbFlowers has big poofy flower clips that can also be worn with an attachable hairband. LOVE it.


gcbautista said...

hello there fellow jersey city heights resident! i found you on 'shop local' on etsy. your shop is amazing! i love that last big red flower headpiece!

alexlady said...

well hi there neighbor!! thanks so much for the feedback, it's great to meet other locals!

i will be updating my shop and my blog more often in the verrry near future, it's been a crazy couple of months but be on the lookout for updates. ;)