Thursday, December 11, 2008

Better Late than Never!

My jewelry shows on friday and saturday were gangbusters.

Friday night at Arthouse was the Hudson County Arts Slam, and it was amazing! Tons of art displayed all around the room, great live music, an area set up for guests to participate in painting, slam poets, and at some point there was a quantum of Lego spilled out on the floor for all to enjoy.

I met a ton of great people, and sold enough jewelry to run me out of my little velvet bags, so we picked some more up on the way to Marti's on Saturday!

For the trunk show, don and I drove in from Jersey... forgetting what a nightmare parking is on the east side. Seriously? All muni-meters? What is the deal with those things anyway? But that didn't stop us! Marti greeted us with all kinds of tasty treats, and we had a lovely afternoon soiree.

Now I need to buckle down and replenish my store, it's growing thin again. maybe if the sun ever came out i could snap some better photos. :)

for those of you who were interested in custom items. please feel free to email me directly, alexladydesigns (at) gmail!


Lauren said...

That's so funny - I know Christine Goodman, too! The NY arts scene is so small-town sometimes ... ;)

alexlady said...

no kidding!

she is awesomesauce.

Holly said...

Glad to hear things are going so well, Alex! :)