Tuesday, December 2, 2008

23 Shopping Days... Stocking Stuffers Under $10!

I love stocking stuffers. My mom would always put together these giant stockings for my sister and i, and wrap each and every tiny thing, down to individual cap erasers, with a tangerine at the toe, and we were allowed to open them the moment we got up on Christmas Day! I realize now this was because she was trying to get a couple extra minutes of shuteye after staying up all night scraping the orange Toys R Us stickers off of things.

For all of your loved ones who have a stocking in need of filling.

Oh, crocheted moustache, where have you BEEN all my life??? This nifty item from Shannon Gerard is for the person who thought they had everything.

Perfect for any girl on the go, this snazzy little pocket mirror from MadisonCraft is sure to please!

If you have a Flight of the Conchords fan in your life like I do, I recommend these tribute magnets from elloh.
um, and really pretty much anything in the store. Tribute magnets for the Office, Juno, Dirty Dancing, wow! I'm thinking you'll check at least five people off of your list!

Don't leave this bad boy out for santa to eat... This gingerbread man is a yummy soap! Check out LoveLeeSoaps for more holiday styles.

There's not much that's cuter than this snowman pendant from 3bagsfull!! love it!

And, in keeping with the spirit, how about this chocolate tangerine bath scrub from Smellsandbells? Best yet, you won't forget it in the toe of the stocking and have a rotten citrus fruit a week later. I know, I know. I was never big on oranges though.

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