Monday, October 13, 2008

Ew. isn't constructive criticism supposed to be constructive??

I was talking to a friend in DC and she mentioned that her friend was also selling her jewelry! She went to class at a place that I don't want to name but it's a famous artists' place in DC that used to be a factory that made torpedoes. *wink wink.*

So her friend takes this class on how to market your product. And they say to her, "Well, your problem is that your jewelry looks like stuff you could get from India for ten bucks."

ummmm WOW. thanks! that's awesome. very helpful. i could think of probably at least 27 kinder and more helpful ways to say something like that. i've never seen her work, but how about, "well it looks like you have room for growth in X area" or "Maybe you need some items that will fit a wider range of price points."

yuk. i'm sure that's not representative of the artists that have their studios ath this place that used to be a factory that made torpedoes. but what a way to influence someone's art. i hope i never say anything that rude to someone, no matter what I think of their art.

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