Thursday, October 9, 2008

Boobs and beads!

Recently I became aware of a phenomenon called 'nursing jewelry.' If you have a little one you have probably already heard of this, but it was new to this lady!

I set out to design some handmade beads for a nursing bracelet... a stretchy band that you can switch from wrist to wrist to remember which side you last nursed on.

I came up with these:

That's right. Boob beads.

Alas, they did not function so well on the elastic as a bracelet... they spun around because of the extra clay for the nipples, and i thought of putting nipples on both sides so they were reversible, but... CREEPY.

so now, what to do? twelve boobs in all, handcrafted. Turn them into earrings? hairsticks? The possibilities really are endless, and yet, I am stumped.

Any suggestions?


SilverSunbeam said...

How about a drop style pendant: Three boob beads topped by a miniature sign that reads "Thanks for looking at my boobs!"

StarvnRtist, what I am. said...

hehe, cute. You caould use 2 of them hangin as charms on a necklace?