Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Precious Metals

Azaiez means "precious" in Arabic. It's a fitting name for Princeton Etsian's store, Azaiez Designs.

Sue is the creative force behind this line of classy, imaginative jewelry, and her store has been a great success with items like her Orbs and Full Moon Earrings. She has made nearly 50 sales since opening her virtual doors less than four months ago. Check out her tips for new Etsians:

You've had a lot of sales on your site... do you have any tips to new sellers for success?

azaiez designs: It is so funny to hear that you think I have had a lot of sales because I feel like I have had a very slow start! I have had 48 sales to date and most of those are to people I know, so I really want to get exposure to new buyers. Anyhow, I have learned a lot in the last 4 months and I think my top pieces of advice are:

* Professionalize your look! the best money I have spent to day has been on my logo and business cards - it makes me look like a more professional site and also makes it easy for me to refer people to my site because I know when they get there it will look good! Another piece of advice - always have your business cards with you.
* If you make something wearable, wear it! People always comment on my jewelry and that is when I tell them I make jewelry and give them my card!
* Develop your own style! I think each seller should try to continually experiment, but that it is also important to develop your own style - what sets you apart from others. I myself have seen a lot of progress and am only recently feeling like I have really evolved into the type of look I want my jewelry line to express (you can see that if you look at my older Etsy items and my newer ones!). Now my goal is to make very modern and stylish feminine pieces that are based on a neutral palette (silver, white, brown, black...) with splashes of color and maybe some subtle unexpected details too (asymmetrical placement, small charm, etc...). I like to think this is like me - simple and understated but with lots of vibrant and unexpected surprises! :)
* If you are on Etsy, post often and space out your posts. Most of my sales are through word of mouth, but the few sales I have made to total strangers on Etsy came right after I posted a new item. It was at the top of the search list, so I think posting a little each day/week gets you noticed easier. Also, something I jsut found out about it re-listing. You can delete a current item and re-list it! for another 20 cents that puts you back up at the top of the searches.
* Get on the Forums - I have found out so many useful tips and ideas from other people and have gotten so many people just to check my shop out by getting on the Etsy forums and chatting with other Etsy members.
* Word-of-mouth works! I have told all my friends who have bought from me to spread the word and I also send out a monthly newsletter with news and specials! If anyone wants to be added, please let me know!
* Finally - do something positive with your shop and give back! Join Etsy for Charity, a team which sells donations from Etsy members and donates the proceeds to a different charity each month. I have started donating one item per month so far and it feels great to do something good for the world with my shop. I think all Etsy members should get involved either with them or another cause they care about!
* Since I am a newbie too, I want to say that all advice is welcome too! I am a full time grad student, wife, and way to busy all the time. But I still could use advice from more experienced sellers as well, mostly in the way of how to get my shop out there and market better! I think I make special items, and wish I knew how to get the word out!

Blue and Pink Seaside Necklace

Sue plans to have her pieces in a local boutique soon, but for the moment you can also find her at her Facebook page as well as on the We Love Etsy Blog, and you can check out more of her eye-catching designs at Flickr! You can can search azaiez.designs or go to http://www.flickr.com/photos/29393858@N06/ for more Azaiez Designs.


Made by Melissa said...

Great feature. Sue makes some really pretty jewelry.

Azaiez said...

Hey alex! Thanks so much for featuring me and I hope you get lots of traffic as a result! :)

It looks fabulous!


Holly said...

Nice article, Alex!