Thursday, August 21, 2008

Four new items at alexladydesigns!

I'm so excited about these hammered earwires!! This pair is not for sale, but these are...

NEW Hammered Earhooks with Pink and Orange Swirls
These new earhooks are delightful in every way... Strong, sturdy, sassy, and sterling, I hand-form each one and then forge them on a bench block to harden them up. They're so comfortable, you can leave them in all day...even if you're a business-to-business phone salesperson.

also, a new spiral pendant, a new rectangular pendant, and another swingy pair of earrings on my hammered hooks!

I'm really proud of these earwires. Because I'm forging them, I can use a more slender wire gauge, which is important to me because my own ears are sensitive, and I'm sure I'm not the only one!

Oh, I have so many more items to list, but they will have to wait for now! Check back for updates and more artist features!

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Holly said...

Gorgeous, darling!