Tuesday, July 29, 2008

i heart the crap out of wall decals!!!

How well they come off... and whether they go back on again... seems to vary. but these giant graphics for your home are SO FANTASTIC! Here's a couple of my faves.


Bird in Birdcage Vinyl Wall Decals Stickers Art Graphics $25 from Singlestonestudios


from sodeco, a delicate hippo $55


from oneupdesigns, asian bloom wall graphic $28

LOVE this stuff!


Azaiez said...

you are so right - wall decals are so awesome!! i really want to buy a house on day and stop renting so that I can put them up all over! :)

Agnes Sim said...

Awesome wall decall, i plan to do this in my new house also. ;) Thanks for sharing

*smile* Wedding Guestbooks said...

where do i get the delicate hippo wall decal. i love it and would like it above my daughters crib.

alexlady said...

oh! i tried to track it down and it looks like the seller's account is inactive. :( hope you can find another design that you like!